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Our company :


Specialized in plants biological protection, If Tech is based in France, and has developed its business thanks to an efficient researcher’s team. After having elaborated plant protection tools, If Tech team members have found the way to commercialize them and to promote their action. Today, the director, Christian Hecker, dedicates himself to the society’s expansion.

Created in 2004 at Angers Technopole, the society has been located at Les Ponts-de-Cé (Centre Floriloire) since 2010 and offers solutions both to businesses and to individual customers.

Two types of solution are developed by If Tech, in order to reduce chemical use of fertilizers, insecticides, and pesticides in green spaces and gardens.

On one hand, If Tech is developing and commercializing insects (mainly Chrysoperla lucasina) and on the other hand, If Tech is selling mycorrhizae (association between a fungus and a plant root).  


Activities :


8Bandelettes   Activite

Involved in sustainable development and environment protection, If Tech is offering solutions to help plants being an remaining strength, by protecting them against pest thanks to insects, and reinforcing them from the roots, via mycorrhizae.

Because we understand our customer’s needs, we offer compatible solutions to some chemical products and can always advise on this compatibility to help you choosing the right method.

"At the beginning, we were selling to individual gardners." remembered Christian Hecker. "Then we had extended the range to green spaces professionnals, to horticulturists, to fruit and vegetables producers, to wine-grower, to arborists, and to substrate transformers and seed companies. For each of these professionals, we have created tailor-made products function of their needs : powder form, liquid solution, and praline application.... Last year, we widened our range to lawn seeds, thanks to a partnership with a local producer, leader in its field. Our research and development team, including Doctor C.PLENCHETTE, scientific manager, has also developed a  specific range for wine-growers."

Expertise :

IMG 3791

Our way to work is convenient with the corporate social responsibility as we manufacture eco-friendly products. Thanks to our solutions, our customers minimize their ecological influence.

If Tech was created 10 years ago because new production solutions had to be found.
We are working with natives insects to develop our solutionsand are consequently very concerned about regulation rules.




If Tech is simply creating innovations with ancestral process, which have naturally existed within nature for millions of years.

Through our day-to-day activity, we aim to choose the right materials and processes to reduce our environmental impact and always try to improve our techniques that way.

Example :

We have been developed the Petaal project with Vegepolys (research institute near Angers). This Petaal project consists on a natural treatment which allows to release insects from a tree with no electricity, not even using a ladder. In our innovating approach, we think that the way to apply a product is almost as important as the way this product works. For this reason, we always try to ease the final user application.

Our expertise has been acknowledge by major “green actors” like Terra Botanica.










The team :


Without counting our little insects and mushrooms, our team is composed of people concerned by the environment, doing each day a serious and hard work, and constantly maintaining good relationship with both customers and providers.