Project launching and evolution :



If Tech has been created in May 2004 by Christian HECKER in order to bring alternatives solutions to chemical use within vegetal industry. If Tech has gathered scientists to become a major specialist in its field. C.Plenchette, scientific Director specialized in mycorrhizae,  has joined If Tech in 2005. He has been research Director at l’INRA Dijon (agronomic research national institute).

Several technical and scientific partnerships have been agreed to allow If Tech to quickly develop itself. Among them, technology transfers have been realized with the INH (the national horticulture institute, since became AGROCAMPUS)

For logistic reasons, at the end of 2010, If Tech moved out to the Floriloire horticulture center (Les Ponts-de-Cé, near Angers) where insects raising laboratories take now place.

As for its commercial action, If Tech has also created partnerships with well-known companies specialized in seeds, green spaces, gardens…  

The seeds are part of the strategic target of If Tech, well known area of ​​Christian HECKER who spent over 15 years with different seeds companies.


Innovations :




Our efforts have been rewarded in February 2012 at Angers, when If Tech has taken part to the well-known exhibition “Salon du Végétal”. Our product Tigrador® allowed us to win a silver innnovert thanks to this new concept which has been conceived to fight against pests in trees, especially against Corythucha ciliate, a persistent pest used to develop themselves in urban areas.

“Four years would have been necessary to discover this biological solution, issued from collaborative research program PETAAL (in French : Protection Environnement et Technologie des Arbres d’ALignement), and certified by Végépolys, French competitive cluster. This project has succeded thanks to an incredible mix of knowledge, patents, and goodwill.” explains Christian Hecker.  Tigrador® is composed of Chrysoperla eggs. These eggs become larvae, which will be feed themselves with aphids (60 a day), mealybugs and Corythucha ciliate larvae. Put within the tree’s foliage thanks to a telescopic pole (in specific high infested places), laid eggs on cardboard tubes will give larvae which will move in order to eat pests. Quickly, adults growing from larvae will increase the existing population. This process have patented by If Tech.